An appraisal of the evolution of some of the main themes in sosa’s epistemology


  • Juan Comesaña University of Arizona



Ernest Sosa, Virtue Epistemology, Safety, Closure, Reflection


In this article, I propose to trace the evolution of three central concepts in Sosa’s epistemology: the distinction between animal and reflective knowledge, closure principles, and the safety condition. These three planks played a central role in the early presentations of Sosa’s epistemology, but have recently undergone interesting changes. 


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Biografia do Autor

Juan Comesaña, University of Arizona

University of Arizona, Tucson – United States of America


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Received: 15/9/2020 - Approved: 05/3/2021


2021-06-02 — Atualizado em 2022-06-30

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Comesaña, J. (2022). An appraisal of the evolution of some of the main themes in sosa’s epistemology. TRANS/FORM/AÇÃO: Revista De Filosofia, 44(Special Issue 2), 29–42.



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