The power to tolerate


  • Eduardo Fuentes Caro Universidad San Sebastián



Toleration, Power, Practical possibility


Toleration is a privilege of the powerful. A person can tolerate only if she has the power to interfere with what she objects to. In this paper, I revise the circumstances in which someone has the power to tolerate. I argue that the answer must incorporate both metaphysical and practical considerations. Specifically, I argue that someone has the power to tolerate when her properties ground that power in the practical situation in which the person finds themselves, characterized by her practical interests. In doing so, I criticize Glen Newey’s analysis of this power.

Biografia do Autor

  • Eduardo Fuentes Caro, Universidad San Sebastián

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Universidad San Sebastián, Santiago – Chile. 


07-07-2022 — Atualizado em 07-07-2022



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