A preliminary study on a mirror of japan (Ribenyijian)


  • Ji Ma School of Humanities and Communication, Ningbo University
  • Jie Tong




A Mirror of Japan (Ri Ben Yi Jian)., Zheng Shungong., Monographs on Japan., Coastal- defense literature., Resisting-Japanese literature.


After the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, as the Japanese pirates’ problem
became more and more serious, books devoted to the study of Japan began to be published. Among
them, the most important ones are A Brief Survey of Japan (Ri Ben Kao Lue), A Compilation of Japanese
Maps (Ri Ben Tu Zuan), A Mirror of Japan (Ri Ben Yi Jian), A Survey of Japan (Ri Ben Kao), A Record
of Japanese Customs (Ri Ben Fen Tu Ji), and A Biography of Japanese Pirates in Qiantai (Qian Tai Wo
Zhuan). Out of these, A Mirror of Japan is a special one. In addition, there are also special books
that depict the general ambiance of Japan, such as A Collection of Coastal Military Maps (Chou Hai
Tu Bian), Resistance to Japanese Pirates in Ming Dynasty (Huang Ming Yu Wo Lu), the Compilation
of Coastal Defense (Hai Fang Zuan Yao) and the Continuation of Coastal Defense Category in Zhedong
and Zhexi Regions (Liang Zhe Hai Fang Lei Kao Xu Bian). Zheng Shungong, the author of the book
A Mirror of Japan, visited Japan twice, so many contents in the book are based on his own experience
and knowledge. Therefore, the breadth and scope of his research on Japan had gone beyond the similar
literature of the Ming Dynasty. Moreover, the Japanese pirates’ record and analysis in the book are of
great research value. Before the publication of Huang Zunxian’s Annals of Japan (Ri Ben Tu Zhi), A
Mirror of Japan was one of the highest levels of monographs on Japan in ancient China.


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Received: 01/06/2022 Accept: 14/07/2022





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