Perceptions and uses of information by brazilian university studentes

input for planning information literacy interventions




University Students, Information Resources, Information Needs and Uses, Information Literacy Diagnosis.


A study that aimed to identify the perceptions, habits and uses of information by students at a public university in Brazil is presented. A questionnaire composed of nine questions was disseminated online via the social network Facebook, and 216 completed questionnaires were returned. The results do not differ much from those found in other countries among university students, and in general, show a striking preference for information in digital format, and that which is mostly accessed by searches conducted from Google and Google Scholar search engines. There is a concomitant and striking neglect in the use of library catalogs, printed information sources, and even the high quality reference databases to which university students have access subsidized by the Brazilian government. A lack of familiarity with the terms used to describe information sources was identified, implying that the relationship between the use of Google Scholar and digital repositories is unknown, and most respondents pointed to the directions of their teachers as the "quality filter" for information and they do not have their own mechanisms for evaluating it. The use made of the university library by the respondents is limited, and there is a worrying lack of awareness of the roles and potential contributions of librarians.


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Ariadne Chloe Furnival, Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Professora Associada Dr. Ariadne Chloe Furnival Departamento de Ciência da Informacão - DCI Programa de pós-graduação Ciência da Informação Programa de pós-graduação Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade

Monique Lucia da Silva Farias, Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Bibliotecária e Bacharel do Curso de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação da Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Graziella Yuri Matsuno, Universidade Federal de São Carlos

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Furnival, A. C., M. L. da Silva Farias, e G. Y. Matsuno. “Perceptions and Uses of Information by Brazilian University Studentes: Input for Planning Information Literacy Interventions”. Brazilian Journal of Information Science: Research Trends, vol. 11, nº 1, fevereiro de 2017, doi:10.36311/1981-1640.2017.v11n1.04.p33.