Using information systems to strategic decision

an analysis of the values added under executive's perspective




Information Systems, Decison Making, Business Intelligence


The impact of the Decision Support Systems (DSS) on the organizational intelligence and structure and on the strategic decisions was examined in the paper. Nowadays there is an increasing demand for investments on Information Technology (IT) due to the higher complexity of this field in the global market. Nevertheless, measurement of that perception, especially for the Brazilian reality, is little known. This study aims to analyze the relation between the use of DSS by executives of highest organization levels and their perceptions of the quality of information delivered, decision making speed, enhancements in organization learning and strategic management, and differences in involvement with subordinates. The theoretical model proposed by Leidner, Elam and Corrales (1995) and Leidner and Elam (1999), the main theoretical foundation of the paper, was adapted to the Brazilian reality and extended. We conducted a survey with executives of the 1200 biggest companies in Brazil, evaluating the executives’ perceptions. The main results of the paper confirmed past studies and added new dimensions to the benefits provided by the use of information systems, such as the organization learning principles and the strategic planning process. The paper contributes to the theoretical development of information systems and decision-making fields and with organization management, providing knowledge to support the evaluation of the values created by using Information Systems (IS).


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Biografia do Autor

  • Leticia de Castro Peixoto, UFMG

    Doutoranda em Ciência da Informação da UFMG

  • André Braz Golgher, UFMG

    Associate professor at Cedeplar/UFMG

  • Álvaro Bruno Cyrino, EBAPE/FGV

    Adjunct Professor and vice-director at EBAPE/FGV









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“Using Information Systems to Strategic Decision: An Analysis of the Values Added under executive’s Perspective”. Brazilian Journal of Information Science: Research Trends, vol. 11, nº 2, junho de 2017,