The Relationship between Quality Performance and Employee Innovation for Total Quality Management Practices in Academic Libraries


  • Edward Asante Koforidua Technical University
  • Joseph Owusu Kwakye
  • Kenneth Wilson Adjei Budu



University libraries, Career development, Employee innovation, Management philosophies


The study examined the relationship between quality performance and employee innovation for total quality management in academic libraries. The study focused on academic libraries in Ghana. Relevant literature was reviewed on TQM practices, employee innovation and quality performance.  The study adopted a descriptive survey design and quantitative approach. The research protocol was a questionnaire. The study sampled 213 and retrieved 208 responses representing 95.3% of the valid sample size for the study. Partial least squares structural equation model (PLS-SEM) software was used to analyzed the data collected. In terms of the measurement of the model adopted for the study the convergent, discriminant validity was computed. Again, to establish connection between the variables of the study, the hypothetical statements were tested. All the three hypothetical statements tested showed a significant relationship.  Study established that employee innovation and quality performance are critical components for TQM practices in academic libraries. The correlation analysis established that employee innovation had significant relationship with total quality management while quality performance also demonstrated a significant positive relationship with total quality management. The study revealed that employee innovation and quality performance are significant components for TQM practices in academic libraries.  The study serves as a new source of documented information for academic libraries regarding TQM practices. Also, the study is a pillar for enriching the existing literature on employee innovation and quality performance as critical success factors for TQM implementation in academic libraries.


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