Travelling without changing places:

some remarks on Kant’s preface to the Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View


  • Juliete Morice



Anthropology, A Priori, Apodemic art, Cosmopolitanism, Criticism, Geography, Rousseau, Travel Theory


Our assumption is that the remarks made by Kant about the “utility” of travel in the preface of the Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View fall within the context of modern travel theories, which find their point of completion at the end of the Eighteenth century. According to common sense, travelling abroad has indeed become the privileged means of any anthropological project; nevertheless, Kant regards this practice useless for his own work: this paradox is here taken literally and analyzed. Showing that travels cannot be considered as a necessary “experience” for a pragmatic anthropology, Kant devises a paradoxical “a priori” travelling method. Hence, we both challenge the standard internalist interpretation, arguing in particular that this preface has to be enlightened by the reading of Rousseau’s travel theory, and aim at showing that the historically situated question of travels gives a key to understand Kant’s critical system.


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Biografia do Autor

Juliete Morice

Associate professor of Early Modern Literature and Philosophy at Le Mans-Université (France), author of several articles on the notions of travel and cosmopolitanism in relation to the problem of education (between the 16th and the 18th centuries). In 2016, she published a book entitled Le Monde ou la Bibliothèque (Les Belles-Lettres), resulting from her PhD thesis. Her current research focuses on representations of children and childhood in the modern era, as well as on the relationship between disciplines in the construction of modern knowledge (among them, medicine and pedagogy, physiology and metaphysics, science and poetry).




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Morice, J. (2023). Travelling without changing places:: some remarks on Kant’s preface to the Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View. Estudos Kantianos [EK], 10(2), 123.



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