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Ubirajara Rancan de Azevedo MARQUES


Estudos Kantianos [EK] registers the passing of Dr. Clélia Aparecida Matins, a member of its Editorial Board, university lecturer and researcher in the Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of São Paulo State University, on the 15th of July p. p. An enthusiast of the activities carried out by the Centre of Kantian Research and Studies “Valerio Rohden” [CPEK], which is responsible for the EK project, Clélia Martins greatly collaborated with the Kant-Colloquia in Marília (also promoted by the same CPEK), which in her memory will henceforth be designated by Kant Colloquia “Clélia Martins”, starting with its next edition in August 2015. EK is grateful to Prof. Dr. Heiner Klemme for his text inmemory of Dr. Clélia Aparecida Martins.

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